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Our product ranges extend over many industrial sectors. Digoema offers you filters for construction machines, agricultural machine, forklifts, catwalks, shipping as well as for small engines.
Our range of filters includes air filters, hydraulic filters, oil and fuel filters, cabin filters, pipe filters, oil-separator, water filters, repair kit, filter mats and also sponge filters.
Furthermore we can offer you special prices due to the direct purchase from the factory.
Our stock contains more than 7000 different kind of filters which assure a quick delivery in most cases.
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Air Filter

An air filter cleans the incoming air from dust, dirt and other foreign matter and protects the engine from damage. A suitable air filter is very important for the longevity of te engine and must to be changed at the given intervals, unless the machinery works in extreme or dusty conditions, in which case a shortened interval is advisable.

There are two different types of air filter:

  • main- / primary- or outer element
  • safety cartridge / secondary- or inner element

Cabin filter

A so-called cabin filter cleans the air inside the cabin from dust, dirt and pollen. This is especially important for people with allergys. They also protect air conditioners and heaters from damage.

There are two types:

  • A pollen filter is basic equipment in every air donditioning system. It is made of a filded filter element (fleece) incorporated into an outer frame.
  • An active carbon filter filters the absorbed air, but also absorbs smells and fumes.

Air dryer

During frequent use of a truck brake system, water condensation can occur. To prevent this and to prevent a failure of the braking system, air dryers are used to dehumidify absorbed air.

Fuel filter

Fuel filter filters dirt out of fuel before reaching the engine. Dirt in this case can include water, mud or even air. Without a fully functional fuel filter and regular maintenance a decrease in motor output can occur, or damage due to erosion and corrosion.

Various types of fuel filter can be used:
  • Cartridge
  • Spin-on, which is a cartridge provided with a thread. (Consists of a sheet metal case and a catridge. In some cases a riser pipe is integrated.)
  • Pipe-filter or in-line filter


Another name for pipe filter is pre-, inline or fuel filter. It is built into hoses and / or pipes to filter out dirt from the fuel lines.

There are different types of material:

  • transparent plastic: used for course filtration
  • metal: used for fine filtration


Oil Filter

Oil filter cleans oil of pollutants as well as dirt and must possess a high temperature resistance. An incorporated bypass valve details the oil flow up even in an obstruction of the filter and can prevent serious damage.

Oil filters are available in different kind of forms:

  • Cartridge
  • Spin-on with metal- / plastic housing
  • The thread opening functions as entrance- and exit-opening simultaneously.

Hydraulic filter

Hydraulic filters are characterised by a star formed filter area that has a large filteration capacity. The high-grade steel wire is wound around the inner material and acts as supporting element. Hydraulic filters also contain a bypass valve which prevents a loss of pressure.

Hydraulic filters are produced in both paper and fibre glass versions.

Breather filters

Breather filters provide a clean air supply to tanks. They prevent dirt and water from getting into the system due to fluctuations of the fluid level in the tank.

Oil separator

Normally the air-oil mixture passes from the outside to the inside of the separator. Its purpose is to separate the oil from the compressed air. Thereby clean air is produced and the oil can be cleaned and re-circulated in the compressor.

Separators consist of corrosion resistant materials and can be used for temperatures up to 120°C.

It is available in different configurations: vertical, horizontal, and spin-on.
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